Live Act


Since forming, Alt-Rock duo Winterbourne (James Draper & Jordan Brady) have cultivated an extensive and loyal following that has accompanied them across multiple tours around the world. Always seeking new sonic territory, Winterbourne walk the line between vintage rock and roll and new age pop, while staying true to their core formula of memorable melodies and perpetual harmonies.

Winterbourne shine in the live arena, a unique and energetic exhibition of musical tightness and indulgent banter, a style they have honed through many years of touring and friendship. They have enjoyed huge touring success off their own steam owing to their loyal fanbase that has grown each year, as well as performing at renewed festivals locally and internationally (Reeperbahn Festival in Germany, Break Out West Festival in Canada) and supporting the likes of Dean Lewis, Passenger, The Rubens.

The halt to their touring schedule in 2020 allowed the band to engage more closely with their recording process than ever before, leading to an expansion of the Winterbourne sound that pushes them to new heights in the most organic way possible. Following their acclaimed debut album Echo Of Youth (2019), Winterbourne have now begun releasing new material. Single ‘Long Distance Runner’ is a self-produced track that seeks to reinvigorate the strength of a full-band sound, with an element of darkness and foreboding lingering amongst the light-hearted melodies and catchy riffs.