Live Act

Molly Millington

Having toured with the likes of Montaigne, Thelma Plum, Kita Alexander, Alex Lahey and so many more, Molly Millington is growing an impressive following across the country for her eclectic sound.

Molly’s new EP, titled 5 Stages, is impressively cohesive. Produced by ARIA-nominated Xavier Dunn, it explores the five stages of grief through the lens of the rise and fall of Molly’s whirlwind engagement, which occurred within the span of a month while Molly was in the US.

Molly’s music is a heady mix of her many influences — country, rock, pop — with her latest EP 5 Stages almost impossible to pin down to any one reference. And, in an impressive testament to the speed and quality at which Molly writes her music, 5 Stages was conceived over the space of just a handful of days.

Molly’s creativity works like some kind of overflowing tap: she speaks about writing multiple songs a day, every day, writing on the train, writing at home, abroad, any moment she can, Molly is writing.

The opening track, Foreign Accent, is wide-eyed in its optimism, and a perfect representation of the rush that comes with new love, while Me and My Denial, the second track on 5 Stages, feels a little more sceptical, evoking ‘10s songwriting auteurs St Vincent and Regina Spektor in all their cynical sparkle. The EP closer, Healing, carries as much weight as the full journey of healing really should.

Molly’s creativity knows no bounds. Not only is she capable of writing multiple songs in just one day, she also crafts her own clothes, often wearing her own creations on stage. She has been practising aerial hoop for years, and painstakingly transformed a truck into her very own cosy home. There is no telling where Molly will turn her many talents next.