Live Act

Baker Boy

Born in Darwin and raised in the remote Northern Territory communities of Milingimbi and Maningrida, Danzal Baker aka Baker Boy is the freshest new hip-hop talent to emerge from Australia. Young, strong and proud Baker Boy raps in English and Yolngu Matha language representing his Arnhem Land family.

In Arnhem Land they call Baker Boy the “fresh new prince”. His totem is the Olive Python, his moiety is Dhuwa and his skin is Burralung/Gela boy.

Baker Boy is a multidisciplinary talent working across rap, dance and acting. He hopes to inspire younger generations to embrace their culture and become leaders in their communities.

In his new single ‘Move’, Baker Boy turns a song about falling in love into a tribute to the strong women in his life and those who raised him. A stark shift from the energetic chaos of his last single ‘Meditjin’ ft. JessB’, the groove-driven track with skittering beats dips into the soulful side of Danzal Baker aka Baker Boy.

Rapping in his native language of Yolngu Matha as well as English, ‘Move’ was crafted with the help of producer Willie Tafa (Ariana Grande, Ella Mai) and mixer Andrei Eremin whose mixing credits include Baker Boy’s ‘Meditjin’, Sampa the Great, G Flip as well as mastering the mega smash hit from Tones and I, ‘Dance Monkey’.