Live Act

Thelma Plum

Thelma Plum’s (Gamilaraay) long awaited follow up to her Monsters EP (2014) is the new single Clumsy Love, which sets the tone for what this singer-songwriter has in store for us for the rest of the year and beyond.  

Thelma Plum is an award winning (NIMA, Unearthed) storyteller and a creator. Bravery, strength and resilience are not often the first things you attach to her brand of sophisticated folk music – but they should be. Thelma takes you on her journey down the garden path, and along the way shows you her world; both magical and sweet, but also equally scathing. Thelma’s divine melodies ease you into her universe, her stories detail the surroundings and her songs make you want to stay.

Recorded between Sydney and London, Clumsy Love is co-written and produced by Alexander Burnett (Sparkadia, Antony & Cleopatra) and is the culmination of years of writing and touring since 2014’s Monsters EP (Young In Love and How Much Does Your Love Cost). 2016 saw her touring the country, selling out multiple dates in each city and in 2017, she took to the road as the main support for San Cisco’s sold out theatre tour. During this time she could also be heard on Golden Features No One and AB Original’s ICU.

Thelma’s brand of catchy, pop-folk is as inviting and warm as it is incisive. Thelma’s latest work could be posed as a pleasant and easy trip, you’re lulled into its catchy nature; but you’re quickly snapped back if you do not pay attention; ‘I can only love you twice as much before you fuck this up’ those lyrics could easily be jarring but they land perfectly with Thelma’s honest and thoughtful delivery.

The layers of Clumsy Love and Thelma herself as an artist may seem paradoxical but they complement each other perfectly. This release is delightfully complex but it is delivered to you effortlessly by the only person who could. Thelma’s story isn’t confused, Thelma is very aware of who she is; a strong, Indigenous, Gamilaraay woman, a creator and you’ll find this out soon too, if you don’t already know.