Gut Health

“Excitable and exciting, enchantingly untamed, their post-punk base contains curious flecks of No Wave and art-pop” – Rolling Stone

“An amalgamation of The B-52s, early Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and maybe a touch of Wire, but it’s an energy all their own that draws you in” – Post Trash

“Their no wave, queer rave culture inspired post-punk floor-fillers are uninhibited, full of energy and addictive” – Gimmie Zine

“Making raucous, catchy and riotous music, they are on the rise, and are proving themselves a force to be reckoned with.” – triple j


Sonically daring. Visually adventurous. Hypnotic art-punk with a bizarre post-punk edge. Six-piece ensemble Gut Health has emerged from the Naarm/Melbourne underground as one of Australia’s most compelling new acts.

Backed by the leadership of their LGBTI-heavy band and peers, Gut Health harness an uncompromising ethos that both showcases and fosters open liberation and the healing qualities of consensual rage in its many and varied forms.

The band bottle these values along with the spirit of New York’s No-Wave revolution and the diverse musical backgrounds of each player – spanning punk to jazz and beyond – to create a polymorphous and positively thrilling, dance-floor filling, post-punk concoction.

Their 2022 debut EP Electric Party Chrome Girl – self-recorded in a storage facility in the heart of Brunswick and released via indie-freaks Marthouse Records – was an instant hit amongst music lovers and tastemakers alike, puncturing Australia’s perception of punk and projecting the band from the concealed corners of Melbourne’s underground warehouse spaces into the spotlight.

Enthusiastic reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone, triple j and Post Trash swiftly followed, while the band’s music and videos were added to radio and television playlists nationwide.

With a heavy emphasis on their driving rhythm section backed by sharp, angular guitars and mind-mangling synthesisers, Gut Health’s songs are brought home by the effervescent melodies and lyrical wit of front person Athina Uh Oh.

Bold musical icebreaker and debut single ‘Inner Norm’ is a tongue-in-cheek depiction of the conformity of alternative in Melbourne’s inner North, while newest single ‘The Recipe’ is a celebratory siren call to society’s high femmes – the drag queens, artists, sex workers, and others who throw sparkles to freely express themselves and/or make a living.

Brazen in their message of self-expression and staunchly encouraging the visceral powers of the dance floor, Gut Health summon a cross pollination of communities to dance together – uninhibited, liberally and safely.

Gut Health are Athina Uh Oh, Adam Markmann, Dom Willmott, Eloise Murphy-Hill, Angus Fletcher and Myka Wallace.