Live Act

Adam Newling

Raised in Cronulla born to first-generation Greek mother and Aussie father, Adam Newling is an alternative artist who utilises country sensibilities and eclectic knowledge of sound in his music to unprecedented effect. With big dreams of one day performing in the heart of Nashville, he has arrived to light up our hearts, guitar in hand.

Newling has taken this driving passion for music and has taken it onto the road, playing with a vast range of wonderfully talented folks such as the inimitable Ruby Fields, who have taught him lessons that he will take with him forever. Now, he is more ready than ever to endeavour on his very own debut project, making songs that feel unabashedly special, and overwhelmingly urgent.

Inspired by the likes of Buck Meek of Big Thief and solo fame, who has set the benchmark for uniqueness in an oversaturated world, and the captivating, dream-like music of Molly Burch, it is clear as day that Newling is influenced by exceptional creatives. In the same vein as these artists, and many others who create country-tinged indie rock, Newling hopes to shine a light in the dark, fusing unabashed creativity with heartfelt lyricism.

And he has done just that with his debut single ‘Cheer Up’, a glowing, glimmering guitar-lead track that delves into issues of mental health and isolation.

“Cheer up is a conversation with myself. If you are familiar with depression, you’re probably aware that when you’re in the pit it feels like you’re a different person a person you may not know. “This is a song about befriending that person and creating a balance within your mental. I don’t think it’s possible to ignore feeling blue so the answer I think is to understand. Other than that it’s a pretty fun song, it’s fun to play and it’s fun to sing so… enjoy.”