Molly Rocket

Molly Rockets sound can be described as a mix of cigarette ash and an old copy of a superhero comic from 1995 that you happen to find in your mothers dresser drawer.

The blaring noise serves familiarity whilst taking a digestible modern twist on the nineties sound. Molly Rocket believes in authenticity in art and masters it while showing you a good time.

Dive into the swirling tempest of sound with Molly Rocket, where chaos finds its melodic groove in their debut EP, ‘Syrup.’ This alt-rock powerhouse combines the allure of sweetness with a dark, lyrical undercurrent that weaves through blistering grunge and warped instrumentation.

Emerging just over two years ago, Molly Rocket has skilfully navigated the tumultuous waters of early adulthood, capturing raw and poignant moments. Their sonic landscape is akin to a cigarette ash-stained comic book, channelling the cathartic spirit of 90s grunge through a contemporary prism. They seamlessly merge into the same sonic realm as musical acts like Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, DZ Deathrays, and Bad//Dreems.

In their brief but explosive journey, Molly Rocket has already left their sonic imprint on stages across the nation, sharing the spotlight with acts like The Rions, Polish Club, King Stingray, West Thebarton, Press Club, Ocean Grove, Pacific Avenue, Lazy Ghost, Teenage Joans, and Towns.