daste. are a trio from the Gold Coast Australia who make catchy indie-pop music with smooth R&B/soul influences, crafting a sound that can be likened to a mix between LEISURE, Tora, Two Another and Jungle.

In late 2018, Callum, Tyler & Braxton finished recording their first daste-single “Thinkin Of” which they signed to Mammal Sounds Records. The reception to that first release exceeded all expectations and gave Callum, Tyler & Braxton the added reassurance that they were indeed on the right path.

In 2019 daste. gave us their debut ep “Palette” (via Mammal Sounds Records) which featured their singles “Thinkin’ of”, “Myself” and “SOBER” and has since collected over 14 million streams on Spotify, with most of those streams coming from North America and Europe.

Shortly after that ep was released, daste. started hitting the live music scene, they played a few sold-out shows in Gold Coast and Brisbane, which then led to them being invited to support the likes of Lastlings, First Beige, Boo Seeka, Buttered, Felivand, Yb., Mickey Kojack and Midnight Pool Party. They were also one of 16 artists selected by Triple J’s Dave Ruby Howe to perform at Sydney’s Electronic Music Conference (EMC) in December 2019, and have since played a few other festivals/events such as Mountain Goat Crawl (2020), Burleigh Ball (2023) and Springtime (2023).

While daste. are officially a three-piece band, they do actually perform live as a five-piece. Their live band members Aidan Rahman (keys & vocals) and Nathan Graham (drums) have been performing live with the band since the very beginning and their live show just wouldn’t be the same without them. The personal connection that each of the members have really helps bring the daste. vibe to life right there on the stage, and in order to give their audience the best possible live experience, they take Aidan and Nathan with them wherever they go.

In early 2020, daste. gave us their second ep “Same As It Ever Was” which was met with much praise and appreciation from music curators, industry peers and fans all across the globe, and has accumulated over 32 million streams on Spotify. With the majority of those streams coming from North America and Europe & United Kingdom, daste. have also been receiving interest from record labels, booking agents and publishers from within those territories. This interest alone is a strong testament to the global reach and appeal that their music has accomplished.

Alongside that global streaming success, daste’s music has also been featured on a variety of reputable online music publications from all over the world including Indie Shuffle (USA), EARMILK (USA), Cool Hunting (USA), Stereofox (Germany), Going Solo (Italy), Zone Nights (Argentina), Tone Deaf (AUS), Acid Stag (AUS), Niche (Japan) and Sidekick (France) just to name a few. They’ve received radio airplay from the likes of Triple J (AUS), Amazing Radio (UK), BBC Radio 1 (UK), KEXP (USA), DASH Radio (USA), Flux FM (Germany), again just to name a small few, and back on home soil they have also been finalists in the Gold Coast Music Awards for “Breakout Artist of the Year” (2021) and “Music Video of the Year” (2023).

Between November 2020 and September 2021 daste. gave us six new singles in anticipation of their debut album “dusk&dawn” which was released later that year in October. It has since collected over 29 million streams on Spotify alone, adding even more strength and volume to their already impressive international presence.

Throughout 2022 daste. were busy working on a bunch of new music. They gave us the first taste of that in December with new single ‘butterfly (so free)’, which also came with a Dom Gould directed music video and a five-date Australian tour.

By March 2023 daste. had experienced significant increases in their streaming numbers worldwide and achieved one of their long-term goals of reaching 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Just one year later (March 2024) they have almost doubled that number, currently sitting on 1,870,475 monthly listeners, their current total of Spotify streams across the globe is 40,888,131, and they’ve also seen an increase from 8,696 to 21,421 Spotify page-followers during that time, with the majority of those numbers are coming from European and North American, currently consisting of 584,324 unique monthly listeners from the United States.

Over the last few months daste. have been back in the studio working on their next album which is complete and scheduled for release in early 2025. We can expect a bunch of singles in the lead up to the album’s release, which they’ve just kicked off recently with new single ‘Around’.