Jim Moginie and The Family Dog

Back in 2006 Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil) founded The Family Dog  to promote his first solo album ‘Alas Folkloric’. They went on to perform and tour together. He and the band have recently been in the recording studio. Jim takes pride in the fact that the recording is ‘old school’, recorded live with lots of spill, overdubbed vocals and moved to ½ inch tape at Oceanic Studios.

The Family Dog is: guitarist Kent Steedman and drummer Paul Loughhead from Northern Beaches legends and punk rockers The Celibate Rifles, plus multi instrumentalist Tim Kevin from La HuvaExiles and Youth Group.  Live, this lineup is all about dynamics, travelling from a whisper to a scream, through trippy psychedelia to great rock in a moment!

The Family Dog is hitting the road and showcasing songs and tunes from the new album to be released later this year.

Jim Moginies  twenty-five year contribution to Midnight Oil as a co-founder, songwriter musician and vocalist pioneered new ground, inflamed passions and challenged social justice and environmental concepts. Fresh from Midnight Oil’s reunion and massively successful Grand Circle World Tour,  Moginie is back and has picked up some of his own projects, in which he invested so much of his time and talents in the intervening years between Midnight Oil’s break up in late 2002 and the bands reformation last year. Moginie’s projects have included: touring/recording two albums with The Break, a surf/space/rock themed outfit whose members are ex-Midnight Oil, Violent Femmes and Hunters & Collectors;  his folk bands Shameless Seamus and The Tullamore Dews and The Tinkers;  avant-garde ensemble, The Electric Guitar Orchestra  and The Colour Wheel, where Jim’s  music explores the attempts over history to prove the ‘connection’  between music and colour – examining the art, music, and theories of Kandinsky, Klee, Schoenberg, and Bowral born artist, Roy De Maistre. Jim also regularly  tours as a guest player with the Australian Chamber Orchestra. He has recorded 2 solo albums, Alas Folkloric and No Vans Mary.  He also owns Oceanic Studios where he  has recorded and produced music with such luminaries as Sarah Blasko, Kasey Chambers, The Exploders, The Sleepy Jackson and End of Fashion.