It is an exciting time for fresh and contemporary R&B music in Australia and when it comes to BOY SODA, his work is a perfect example of how the genre is shifting and diversifying. In just a short period of time, BOY SODA has been propelled onto national and international radars; his music is a breath of fresh air and stands as an exciting moment within the new movement of burgeoning Australian-bred hip hop and R&B.

BOY SODA – aka Brae Luafalealo – has been on the rise since being picked by Converse to travel to the United States in 2019, where he opened for Dominic Fike at the Converse x Camp Flog Gnaw brand event in Los Angeles. It was a formative experience for BOY SODA, who was able to get an early taste of what it could mean to produce innovative music and have it be received by the mainstream industry and tastemakers alike.

Returning to Australia, the young songwriter, producer and vocalist was armed with more ambition and fire driving his creativity; resulting in a string of single releases throughout 2020 that would put him on the national Australian radar.

A small string of releases including the well-received double A-side ‘SEE SOMEONE/TAKE YOUR TIME’ and spring-infused ballad ‘Daisy Chain’ introduced music fans to a fresh voice that felt as comfortable in R&B crooner landscape as it did in hip hop production territory. Showing his versatility early on, BOY SODA was able to establish early on that his sonic style wasn’t going to be easily pigeon holed.

The onset of the global pandemic didn’t stop BOY SODA’s work in the studio, as efforts and focus turned to the creation of his debut EP. The five track record called WELCOME TO THE GLOW UP is a collection of music that comes primed with a range of vibes; romantic, comedic, self-aware. Working with a dream team of producers including Korky Buchek, Nerve, ANH and Gabriel Espinosa, the debut EP from BOY SODA is a definitive arrival from the 22 year old.

At the centre of the record sits BOY SODA, weaving his smooth vocals around immersive melodies and slick beats. A turn up track like ‘Ride’ could fit on a Ty Dolla $ign record, while the rhythms of ‘Big’ and ‘Love U 2 Bits’ come through with big Frank Ocean and Free Nationals energy. The confidence BOY SODA has when it comes to his music has become galvanised with this record, testament to his clear talent for songwriting from a young age.

“With this EP, I feel like I’ve really come into my own and am finally making music that accurately represents my person and my sonic preferences. Obviously, both of these things will change over time but it’s important for me to take this snapshot of life as a 22 year old”, he says.
“These five tracks represent the way I process everything. I’m super introspective and always overthinking things so it’s really cathartic to put them into a project that allows me to be transparent and forgiving and excited about the world I’m experiencing.”

With the release of the EP slated for – INSERT DATE – BOY SODA is ready for more people to become acquainted with his sound and vision for music moving forward. As a young artist who is always thinking forward about his next moves, the time is now to get on board.