It’s not often that you come across a voice so commanding that it stops you in your tracks and demands your attention. JACOTÉNE, a 16 yr old from Melbourne, Australia, does exactly that. With a tone infused with the textures and shades of past vocal greats, JACOTÉNE delivers with a power well beyond her years.

Crowned as Triple J’s Unearthed High Winner of 2022 with a top 5 most played song across Triple J (I Need Therapy (demo)) and a string of festival/live dates across the summer of 22/23, JACOTÉNE has taken her first steps towards her dream of becoming an internationally recognised artist.

Her battle to overcome leukemia taught her early on to take life as it comes and go where the inspiration leads. “Music provides me with a space that allows me to be myself and stay in sync with who I am. People (past and present) and my true emotions keep me inspired. I want my music to be global, to connect with people around the world. Most of all, I want to sing!”
With influences ranging from Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz, Amy Winehouse and Adele, JACOTÉNE is an artist poised to make her mark.