Live Act

Kirin J Callinan

Whether on record or in concert; solo or with his band – Kirin J Callinan is one slippery fella.


What they’ve said about Kirin J Callinan :

“2013’s best new artist” – Stereogum

“Callinan is one of the world’s most exciting new artists.” – The Quietus

“not your average rock ‘n’ roll heartthrob, but more a brutal mockery of that very stereotype”  – Clash Magazine

“some instinct-driven, proto-human being, skulking out of primordial ooze” – Pitchfork

“the local gym-rat, whose usual soundtrack is the reverb of barbells crashing to the floor” – The Sydney Morning Herald

“moist with sweat… probably read some Brecht” – The New York Times

“Australia’s own Robert Fripp” – The Vine

“(he was) sporting an outfit that looked like it was bought at a Michael Jackson garage sale” – The Brag.

“the question was raised: Is Kirin J Callinan the greatest guitarist in Australia?” – Beat Magazine.


What they’ve said about “EMBRACISM” :

“excellently wayward… structural anarchy… one of the most unpleasant listening experiences in recent memory, including Yeezus.” – The New York Times

9/10 – Clash Magazine

9/10 – Faster Louder

4 stars – Rolling Stone

“absolutely perfect” 10/10 – Festivalrykten

“disorientating, confusing and exciting.” 7/10 – NME

“Embracism is a left hook to the face that doesn’t want to be liked so much as it needs to leave a mark.” 7.4/10 – Pitchfork

“equal parts warped, shameless and brilliant.” 8.5/10 – Under The Radar

“promised much and delivers so much more.” 9/10 – Doubtful Sounds

“without a doubt one of the most provocative albums you will hear this year. A record that is by swathes primal and forward-thinking… a constant adrenaline rush… one of the year’s most versatile new artists.” – Listen Before You Buy

WARNING: What you are about to hear is one of the most exciting albums to come out of Australia this year.” – Something You Said