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Eternal Crush

Melbourne band Eternal Crush are made up of ethereal vocalist Joey Jean and guitarist Jackson Holliday. Jackson, who makes up a sixth of Northeast Party House, first heard Joey singing in a friend’s Instagram story and the pair began collaborating via email. Months later, upon a chance meeting at a party, the pair learnt they lived next door to each other. They formed Eternal Crush,finding harmony writing together, with Joey singing and Jackson playing guitar. A friend of the band took an early demo into a meeting with Outpost and by the end of the week the pair had been offered a management deal, which they signed and set about crafting their debut EP.

Enter homegrown producer Gab Strum AKA Japanese Wallpaper. Gab joined the project in March 2019 to produce the first EP bringing with him his distinctive harmonic layers and
pulsating drums.

Lucifer is the first track from their narrative driven debut EP, inspired by a mutual love for the Drive soundtrack. The music is dreamy and 80’s influenced – as Joey puts it
“Eternal Crush is pop music, quite simply and quite obviously”. “Lucifer is about when love turns ill, a relationship with a sort of Stockholm Syndrome dynamic and feeling doomed to sink with that ship”.

Joey’s personal experiences feed lyrics through what Jackson describes as a “really unique way of writing”,the pair keep this dialogue direct to audience by focusing on the vocals and not overcomplicating the instrumentation. It’s apparent that real connections underly the duo’s inspirations, with Jackson detailing a great motivation as
“The hope of creating something special that could become a significant part of other people’s lives”.