Live Act + DJ Set

Polish Club

When you’re a band known for breaking the speed and sound barriers – or at least coming damn close – the question of what happens next is a vexing one. In the case of Polish Club, whose unique brand of bare bones, sonic overload has hammered them into the Australian consciousness, it’s become less a matter of pulling back than finding more rewarding ways to make noise.

This newfound depth was something of a happy accident when the band recorded ‘Clarity’ in 2018 after a sold-out national album tour. it became the basis for their revitalised sound and has influenced the writing of their imminent second album, Iguana.

More than just good looks and broken cymbals, then. Gird your loins for a brasher, more honest and totally liberated Polish Club. No car stereo is safe. More hooks, more feels, more layers and less fucks to give than ever. It’s a highly potent combination, and it’s only the beginning.