Live Act

Dallas Woods

A Noongar man raised in the E.K [East Kimberly], Dallas was a quintessential underdog – dropping out of school at age 14, he ran amok until the Indigenous Hip Hop Project came through town and recognised his sharp wordplay.

In 2014 at age 15, Dallas won the E.K Young Achiever Award. In the years following, he co-wrote the NIMA awarded track ‘Break The Silence’, and featured on long time friend/collaborator Baker Boy’s hit single ‘Mr La Di Da Di’.

From a young age Dallas developed the uncanny ability to find humour in the most unlikely places. Relentless exposure to some of life’s toughest challenges has provided him with the mettle to cut-through society’s demons so he can apply words to his tsunami of feelings and thoughts. Dallas writes with a wealth of humility, knowledge and experience; it’s his coping mechanism