Dem Mob

DEM MOB formed in the APY lands in the community of Pukatja. They are the first hip hop group from the region, and the first MC’s to rap in Pitjantjatjara . DEM MOB’s mission is to empower youth with our own culture through music. Starting as a engagement idea to get youngest member, Jontae, attending school to , DEM MOB morphed into a vehicle for Jontae to make sense of mainstream curriculum with the other two members of DEM MOB, Matt and Elisha, working as his teachers; creatively bending curriculum around Jontae’s passion for music, resulting in Jontae becoming the first and only male to achieve SACE on country in Pukatja.
Since then, DEM MOB continue to push their potential in the music industry while keeping true to their roots by continuing to engage in educational programs and lobbying for educational reform for at-risk First Nation’s youth. The act lights the way for First nations youth and educates mainstream Australians on First nations issues. 2023 was a breakout year coming off their last single ‘Still No Justice’, the group released their next single “Soul of the Lion’ the night they performed to a packed WOMAD crowd, turning heads from punters and music industry folk alike.
The group has recently taken their message abroad with performances and a panel presentation at Barcelona’s Primavera sound alongside Kendrick Lamar, Skrillex and Blur, which followed with an invite to Bigsound ’23 after being scouted at the festival in Spain. DEM MOB have since been invited to further international touring in 2024 with shows in New York, Toronto, Seattle, Detroit and other cities in the USA and Canada.
DEM MOB have been recognised in SA as they just cleaned up with 5 awards at the South Australian Music Awards, including best Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Artist, Best Hip hop, Best Music Educators and the Emily Burrows Award. With the Advertiser recently naming the group as part of the ’24 South Australian’s to watch in 2024′.
DEM MOB are weeks away from releasing their new single and filmm clip ‘DIP’, which talks about the struggles of being racial profiled by Police.