Able Joseph

Look up to the sky.

Past the moon, past star-signs and super-novas. Past galaxies and realities.

See that purple planet… the one nestled between quasars and nebulas?
Now look a bit closer.
No, not Keraxus 4. To the left — in that dustbowl they like to call a town.
You’ll find Able Joseph. Singer. Songwriter.
Cosmos journeyman. Musical nomad.
A figment of imagination.
They’re playing a gig at the Roadhouse.
It’s busier than usual, but apparently the manager of this dilapidated, sorry, I mean charm-riddled, den has been promoting the show for some time.
There’s word it’s a sell out.
It’s hot, it’s dingy. It’s perfect.
Able Joseph walks up to the mic.