Armed with a flair and finesse, WIIGZ have made their name known amongst the Australian Music community in 2021. Hailing from Brisbane’s North side, the genre-bending pop-duo incorporate their skillset in more ways than just music. Front-Women Hannah Brydon and Zoë Hilditch – both with backgrounds in film and photography – incorporate a multi-platform approach to their creative direction. The duo’s ‘hive-mind’ allow them to put their all into “…the personal outlet for the soundtrack of our lives.”

At the wheel of their creative direction, the duo run all things. Directing, editing, producing, performing and organising all their content, music videos and more – Hannah and Zoë pack a creative punch.

After releasing their debut single “WWWWWHY”, the duo quickly shifted their focus to their live show. Bumping in disco floors and LED lighting to perform in front of their growing fanbase at a sell-out local show. Realising their potential, WIIGZ begun work on their follow up “Red Hot Pants”. Upon release, the track was quickly picked up by Triple J Unearthed and showcased again at a headline gig at The Zoo to much acclaim.

Now, after being chosen by Live Nation Australia as the “Ones To Watch”, and having partnered with UMG Label affiliate Dew Process, WIIGZ are working on their debut EP, with many more styles, colours and concepts to come! The message is clear… get your WIIG b*tch.