Off the swirling Central Coast of Queensland, the year 2015; 16 year old Kate McGuire (Guitar) and 15 year old Anji Greenwood (Vocals) met in High School through mutual friends. Pouring their parents stolen liquor into emptied body wash bottles and getting up to trouble, the two would form a strong bond relating in their shared passion of music and growing up in a small town that would ultimately fall short in catering to their dreams. Resulting in the Rockhampton Runaways to pile into the back of an old Ford UTE and drive to Queensland’s capital.

In Brisbane the two would find the missing pieces of their journey in the form of Gold Coast Drummer Jasmine Cannon partnering her piercing attitude and vast percussional skills with the
fast chugging baselines of Antonia Hickey learning the instrument weeks prior her first performance. Now with Kate’s unconventional catchy riffs and Anji’s vocals angelically soft yet
turning razor sharp, cutting right through you to deliver powerful and honest lyrics.

VOIID was born and taking influence from the likes of L7, Smashing Pumpkins, and Hole the quartet would release critically acclaimed EP’s “Pussy Orientated” and “drool.” Not just taking
influence from the Grunge Rock Revival of the 90s and naughties but giving their modernised answer to the genre almost 30 years later. Together the band would set out to play, Groovin’ the
Moo, GizzFest, Bigsound also sharing stages with Grinspoon, Amyl and the Sniffers, DZ Deathrays as well as their own flurry of successful shows around Australia, making a name for
themselves with their raw, unruly and sporadic performances.

In a world full of injustice, inequality and ignorance, VOIID endeavour to lend a voice to those in need of it and as a band strive to their larger ambition of reinventing the role of Female.