sweater curse

In 2020, sweater curse have gifted us their second EP ‘push//pull’; a delicate and brooding collection of songs, the 4-track EP is reflective of the band’s formative years both musically and
personally. Produced by Ball Park Music’s Sam Cromack, ‘push//pull’ takes sweater curse’s signature sound and steers it in a new sonic direction.

‘push//pull’ opens with their single, ‘Close’ which premiered via triple j’s Home & Hosed as the band’s first release since their debut EP. The track was added to full rotation on triple j and is still heard on the air to date. Aided by Alex Lahey, the single showcases the band’s ability to channel intense emotion into a hyper-relatable indie rock masterpiece.

In the works since 2017, ‘I Wish I Was A Better Person Sometimes’ is conversational in nature featuring back-and-forth between lead singer Monica and lead guitarist Chris. Delving into raw emotion, the track exemplifies the band’s talent for vocal harmonies and melodic guitar. Premiered via triple j’s unearthed TOPS, sweater curse’s most recent single, ‘All the Same’ is another standout feature of the EP. The video clip was added to rage, and created during a late night writing session at a farm outside of Brisbane, the band admits the track came together in a fun and natural way. “This song was so exciting to write and feels like it is the beginning of a new sound for us as a band, alongside our usual more melodic songs,” explains Monica.

Featured in their live sets since 2018, ‘Best Interests’ serves as the EP’s conclusion. The track builds from softly sombre verses up to a dynamic, guitar-heavy chorus taking the listener on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Written right after recording their debut EP, the track was penned at a time when the band was listening to the likes of Slaughter Beach Dog and Modern Baseball. The concept for ‘Best Interests’ was borne from the feeling of not being able to do anything to help a person struggling with mental illness and attempting to keep the relationship afloat.

sweater curse have wasted no time making a name for themselves within the Aussie indie music scene over the last few years. Added to rotation on both triple j and triple j Unearthed, their single ‘Close’ amassed over 100,000 Spotify streams and attracted significant praise from media and punters alike. Both ‘Close’ and ‘All The Same’ were seen on both Spotify and Amazon Music editorial playlists. Their live performances prior to 2020 include appearances at St. Jerome’s Laneway, Falls Festival, Farmer & The Owl and playing with bands The Jungle Giants, Grinspoon, Violent Soho, Middle Kids, Ball Park Music, WAAX, Bugs and Polish Club.

Whether you’re a long-time devotee or a new fan, join sweater curse on a musical journey into their innermost thoughts and feelings.