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A lot’s changed for Perth trio Dulcie over the last 12 months. 2021 saw the band release their acclaimed debut EP Sake Of Sound, a 4-track project that saw fans fall in love with the band’s soulful harmonies. Following the release of Sake Of Sound, the band took a brief month-long break from music to reconnect with the world around them, and re-emerged feeling revitalised. Now that 2022 is in full swing, Dulcie are ready to share the first taste of what they’ve been working on in recent times, and they’ve kicked off a new era for the band with their first new single of 2022, tell ur friends. The track sees the band diving head-first into the world of pop – new year, new Dulcie.

Keyboardist/vocalist Ashleigh Carr-White, guitarist/vocalist Saskia Brittain and bassist/vocalist Timieka Denton point to tell ur friends as an example of how the band’s mentality towards songwriting has shifted in recent times – though, internally, they’ve been embracing the pop elements that make up tell ur friends while writing new music for a while now. “We allowed ourselves to have more creative freedom and stopped trying to confine ourselves to writing songs we could easily reproduce live,” the trio says. They’ve been experimenting with MIDI sounds, while Timieka is now playing a MOOG synth bass keyboard live. If you think you knew everything that Dulcie had to offer as a band, then think again.

Tell ur friends captures that period in a relationship where you’re letting your friends know that you’ve met someone, but you don’t know if they’re doing the same. As the band explains, “You don’t know if it’s a secret or a public thing, and if you’re in public, should you make a move, or not acknowledge each other?” Tell ur friends is by far the most poppy moment in Dulcie’s discography to date, and marks the start of a new, exciting period for the trio – they’re now exploring sounds that they previously would have ignored due to self-imposed limitations. It’s a subtle mentality change, but one that’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Dulcie.

The band’s experienced their fair share of COVID-related setbacks in recent times, and like many acts based in Perth, have largely struggled to make their way to the East Coast. However, they feel this has strengthened the Perth music scene, because “we’re all trying to support each other and keep each other in business”. During their time off, the band spent time with family, and embraced other hobbies , which gave them the space to think about their relationships with music and come back stronger than ever. The band asked themselves a couple of questions, recognising the need for a fresh start. “What are we passionate about? What sounds make us excited?”

More than anything else, they’re feeling grateful – grateful that they get to make music, and grateful for the support from their fans. “We really appreciate the people that are backing us, especially in such a tough time.” They’re planning to release an plethora of singles in 2022, which will further highlight the band’s evolution into a poppier, more energetic act. Life’s thrown countless curveballs at musicians over the last 2 years, and Dulcie are no exception, but make no mistake – they’re just getting started.