Live Act

Daniel Shaw

Like many of the greatest tracks in musical history, Shaw’s songs begin with the intimacy and closeness with which you could imagine he wrote the track for the first time: heart-broken and alone, sitting at the keys, a spine-tingling piano melody rings out… Yet as the song grows it is transformed into something epic and universal – with the atmosphere of the likes of Amber Run and Rhodes and the songwriting mastery of the likes of Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

When Shaw was 6 years of age, his Father started him off playing the piano. It wasn’t long before he saw something in Daniel. Now he is classically trained up to his Associate Diploma. Like many great musicians, Daniel plays many instruments, but piano has always been the instrument he connected to on a deeper level.

When Daniel was 8 years old he went to a Billy Joel concert. He’d say ‘I wanna be just like him’, ‘I wanna be the next Piano Man’. So, Daniel started busking on the streets of Melbourne and for the next 13 years, every weekend, Daniel and his Dad would go into the city where he would continue to develop his sound and practice his art.

At only 21 years of age, Daniel Shaw is very much already a veteran of the music scene. Having released his first album, and touring in America and Europe, at the age of 12, Daniel takes inspiration and confidence from his influences such as Passenger and Ed Sheeran. With his roots grounded in Melbourne Australia, he has made a name for himself street performing for 13 years. In America, he was able to compete in the World Championships of Performing Arts where he won silver in five categories for his original song “Hey Little Brother” (off the 10 years album). In 2017 he released his second album It’s You, which added to his melodic and soft pop discography, mirroring musical influences Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and Billy Joel. In late 2018 Shaw released his EP Cross The Line which recently entered the top 100 on the iTunes charts peaking at #2 above the likes of Billy Eilish, INXS and TKO. Earlier this year Daniel Shaw released his first acoustic album named 10 Years which was another successful release, entering the top 100 on the iTunes charts and peaking comfortably within the top 20.